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New café NOW OPEN!

95 Woodstown Road Swedesboro NJ, 08085

Open 9am to 4 o'clock Wednesday- Sunday

Closed Monday.Tuesday

in the state of New Jersey


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Our cafE

Hens & Honey Shoppe has blossomed over the past seven ​years... and the dawn of our new café is our best era to come! ​As you enter, you will find yourself whisked away to a​ fantastical café brimming with wondrous delights to behold ​and savor...


Indulge in a variety of more than 20 unique flavors to craft​ your ideal iced latte flight

Flights are all first come first serve and each is made to order

Our iced flights are served daily from 10am-3pm... we ​recommend claiming a table upon arrival before getting in line ​to order your flight

We specialize in serving iced latte flights exclusively, but we ​may introduce other types of flights seasonally

Ou​r Menu

LITe BITES.café.Coffee.wine

In our enchanting café, a tapestry of delights awaits, with a ​diverse menu brimming with tantalizing lite bites and artfully​ crafted boards to enchant the palate.

We choose not to publish our menu online due to frequent ​updates, as we aim for you to enjoy our delicious offerings in ​person.

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